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Mooring Permit Enforcement in Lloyd Harbor

– On the weekend of July 24th many of our clubs and club members were notified by the Lloyd Harbor Bay Constable that the current policies for private and club moorings in Lloyd Harbor would be strictly enforced beginning August 1, resulting in fines and additional mooring fees for multiple boat usage of PRIVATE moorings.
The Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs interceded and was able to negotiate a compromise for the remainder of the 2021 boating season.
The current mooring restrictions requiring the private mooring holder to be on the mooring at all times with any boats sharing the mooring, regardless of their possession of a guest permit WILL NOT be enforced, however any reported disturbance on a mooring will be investigated and penalized. Current rules for raft ups and overnight stays on private moorings will be enforced.
Club moorings will still be limited to 10 boat raft ups unless a waiver is obtained for a special use. All boats using club moorings must display a club burgee.
The Village will be updating their protocol for 2022. The Boating Council will stay abreast of their progress and inform our membership.