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New York State PAUSE – Maritime Facilities Closed for Recreational Use

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

According to County Executive Bellone’s office, Marina’s are considered non-essential businesses. The question was asked about people working on their own boats on a conference call, Executive Bellone said they can NOT work on their own boats as it is non essential as deemed by the Governor.

With regard to recreational marina’s, public, private and commercial. The Governor’s Executive Order have deemed the aforementioned marinas’ non-essential therefore they should cease operations (reduce non-essential staff by 100%), including boat yard operations. Sale of fuel is allowed to entities deemed essential by the Governor’s Executive Order.

– Guidance from the Governor’s office on the use of boat ramps is Baymen (essential – food chain) may use boat ramps.

– Guidance from the Governor’s office on the use of boat ramps for recreational boaters is they may NOT use boat ramps.

– Recreational boating is NOT banned, the OPERATION of recreational marinas, public, private and commercial IS BANNED at this time.

The Governor’s office has established a NYS Pause Task Force for individuals and businesses that violate the Governor’s Executive Order.

This information was provided by Deputy Maritime Director Dom Spada on April 7, 2020 and updated following a call on April 9, 2020.


Please note, the boating Council is making every attempt to provide the most updated information with regard to Maritime Policies which affect boaters.  As the decisions on these policies remain somewhat fluid, please check back to this site for future updates.