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After years of absence in the Huntington Community Sagamore Rowing is back! Housed in Oyster Bay for the last 20 years, a sudden change in the Oyster Bay RFP process found the rowing club without a home. The Boating Council quickly came to their assistance when they learned in the spring that they would need to vacate their Oyster Bay Boathouse by August 20th, well before the conclusion of rowing season.

On August 16th, “ The Huntington Town Board unanimously approved the request for SRA to use Fleets Cove. This was in large part due to the efforts of the GHCYBC. Jackie Martin guided us through the process introducing me to those who were able to get it done.
We (SRA) are very grateful.” Patrick Doyle- President SRA

The Department of Maritime Services, as well as the town board welcomed the suggestion of the relocation to within the town’s boundaries. The approval for relocation was expedited at the request of the GHCYBC so that the organization would not be “homeless” with many boats, racks, chase boats and oars. Councilman David Bernardo introduced the expedited resolution and it was unanimously approved after months of contact by Sagamore and the Boating Council through Councilwoman Joan Cergol’s office.

The relocation was completed in late August with plenty of season remaining for the rowers to acquaint themselves with the new facility and the surrounding waters of Centerport, Northport and Huntington Bay.